Charity Fair Horse Show


In order to compete, all Hackney Ponies must be registered with the American Hackney Horse Society and/or the Canadian Hackney Society. They must be entered in their full registered names, with registration numbers, and under the name of the owner(s) of record with the AHHS or the CHS. A copy of the Registration papers showing proof of ownership must be submitted with entry form at time of making entry or presented to competition office before competition number will be released.  Owners and trainers must be current members of the American Hackney Horse Society.  Roadster Pony owners and trainers must also be members of the American Road Horse and Pony Association.  If required, USEF Measurement Cards must be presented to Horse Show Office before Pony may be shown. 

14 Single Hackney Pony Show Pleasure Driving – Open
Entry Fee: $40.00                                                                                 Wednesday Matinee
107 Single Hackney Pony Show Pleasure Driving – Championship
To be eligible, ponies must be entered, shown and judged in Class 14.
Entry Fee: $40.00                                                                                          Friday Matinee

84 Single Hackney Roadster Pony to Bike – Open
Entry Fee: $40.00                                                                                     Thursday Evening
90 Single Hackney Roadster Pony Under Saddle – Open 
Entry Fee: $40.00                                                                                          Friday Matinee
129 Single Hackney Roadster Pony to Bike - Open - Championship

To be eligible, ponies must be entered, shown and judged in Class 84.
Entry Fee: $40.00                                                                                     Saturday Matinee

46 Single Hackney Pony - Open

Entry Fee:  $40.00                                                                                Wednesday Evening

117 Single Harness Pony - Open

Entry Fee:  $40.00                                                                                         Friday Evening

141 Single Harness Pony - Open - Championship
To be eligible, ponies must be entered, shown and judged in Class 117.

Entry Fee:  $40.00                                                                                     Saturday Matinee

                                          EQUITATION AND MEDAL CLASSES
5 Saddle Seat Equitation - Junior Exhibitor - Maiden

Entry Fee:  $40.00                                                                                Wednesday Matinee

26 USEF Saddle Seat Medal Class
Open to junior members of the USEF who have not yet reached their 18th birthday.
Entry Fee: $40.00                                                                                 Wednesday Matinee
55 Saddle Seat Equitation – Riders 14-17
Entry Fee: $40.00                                                                                     Thursday Matinee
65 Saddle Seat Equitation – Riders 13 & Under
Entry Fee: $40.00                                                                                     Thursday Matinee

109 UPHA Adult Equitation Challenge

Entry Fee:  $40.00                                                                                         Friday Matinee

116 Saddle Seat Equitation – Junior Exhibitor - Championship
To be eligible, riders must be entered, shown and judged in any other class in this division,
except Class 145.
Entry Fee: $40.00                                                                                          Friday Evening
145 UPHA Challenge Cup Equitation
Open to all Saddle Seat Equitation riders, 17 years of age and under, riding a mare or gelding of
any breed. No minimum number of entries is required to fill a class. The proper calling of the gaits shall be “walk, trot and canter.” Judging is based 60% railwork and 40% on the individual workout. The top four riders must be worked individually; more may be worked at the judge’s discretion. The mandatory workout is “Trot a serpentine to the opposite end of the ring; return down the rail at a trot.” All riders must be registered with the UPHA.
Entry Fee: $40.00                                                                                      Saturday Matinee